Varnish + Apache + SSL + Pound?

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Hello folks,

I've seen this and similar questions asked often and with varying replies. I'd like to have my own scenario looked at. I'm currently in the process of redesigning my work flow for one of my projects. The main web server that serves content is Apache. I plan to have Varnish caching this traffic where applicable. I would like to add a layer of redundancy in regards to alerting users of problems too. I also need to support SSL too. 

I'm looking at having pound accept connections which is then passed to varnish. Varnish then handles the traffic as normal. 

I've seen in v3 that basic HTML can be output for errors, but I'd like to include a stylesheet and logo too. I can host these off the site if needed, but I've considered having 'pretty' error messages which include stylesheets and images. I'd obviously have to host these off site which isn't a problem.

Is it better to use nginx to accept both HTTP and HTTPS connections and serve the errors/content or does my original plan sound better?

What do you use in production and why?

Do you recommend pound or nginx?

Many thanks for replies in advance.

Scott Wilcox

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