Reversing SSH HTTP tunnel

Samuel ROZE samuel.roze at
Thu Jun 9 11:23:24 CEST 2011

It works using the return(pipe) !

Thanks for you reply!
-- Samuel

2011/6/8 Laurence Rowe <l at>:
> On 8 June 2011 16:53, Samuel ROZE <samuel.roze at> wrote:
>> 2011/6/8 Christian Albrecht <christian.albrecht at>:
>>>> $ htc --forward-port 8001
>>>> $ ssh root at localhost -p 8001
>>>> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
>>> It looks like a tcpwrapper (/etc/hosts.allow, /etc/hosts.deny) issue. Do you
>>> have enabled localhost for using sshd?
>>> Try to add a line like in /etc/hosts.allow
>>> sshd: allow
>> It can't be that because when I connect my HTTPTunnel Client directly
>> on my tunnel server, it works! But, it doesn't works when the client
>> requests pass by Varnish... Any other idea?
> You will want to at least return (pipe); to forward ssh connections. I
> really have no idea how Varnish will cope with that sort of traffic or
> whether you'll have to up the timeouts to a ridiculous degree (and
> perhaps cause stability problems elsewhere).
> Laurence

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