NaN in varnishlog ReqEnd

Rob S rtshilston at
Thu Jun 30 19:51:34 CEST 2011


I'm running varnish 2.1.5 (SVN 0843d7a), and I'm seeing quite odd
numbers in my ReqEnd.

  601 ReqEnd       c 483016025 1309454855.855156898
1309454865.751157045 -9.895982027 nan nan

The documentation at doesn't really
explain any reason for having a negative fourth number, or for nans in
the fifth and sixth positions.

I think this is connected with ESIs - the page being loaded is one
which includes several ESI fragments.  I'm looking at the ReqEnd line
as I'm trying to identify whether this page is being slow to generate,
or if the http clients are being slow to retrieve the data.

Can anyone offer more information on this?


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