Varnish, between Zeus and Apache

Dan Gherman thereallove at
Tue Mar 1 17:54:32 CET 2011

I am confronting with this situation: I manage a Zeus load-balancer cluster
who has Apache as a webserver on the nodes in the backend. When Zeus
load-balances a connection to an Apache server or Apache-based application,
the connection appears to originate from the Zeus machine.Zeus provide an
Apache module to work around this. Zeus automatically inserts a special
'X-Cluster-Client-Ip' header into each request, which identifies the true
source address of the request. Zeus' Apache module inspects this header and
corrects Apache's calculation of the source address. This change is
transparent to Apache, and any applications running on or behind Apache.
Now the issue is when I have Varnish between Zeus and Apache. Varnish will
always "see" the connections coming from the Zeus load-balancer. Is there a
way to have a workaround, like that Apache module, so I can then send to
Apache the true source address of the request? My error.log is flooded with
the usual messages " Ignoring X-Cluster-Client-Ip 'client_ip' from non-Load
Balancer machine 'node_ip'
Thank you!
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