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On 3 Mar 2011, at 08:29, Andy Walpole <andy at suburban-glory.com> wrote:

Hi folks,

I installed Varnish about a month ago but I've had a number of 403 error
messages since (Service Unavailable Guru Meditation: XID: 583189221).

It is only solved after a server reboot.

I've no idea what is causing them. What is the best way of dissecting the
problem? Is there an error file with Varnish?


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403 points at your backend telling varnish it is forbidden. If varnish is
giving you that error it is working and the backend is giving it 403.

I've seen this before if backend apps use some sort of rate limiting per ip
as by default when you add varnish to an existing setup the ip that gets
passed to the backend is the varnish ip not the source ip. You could try
passing the ip as x-forwarded-for

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