Under Load: Server Unavailable/Connection Dropped/Delayed Reponse

david raistrick drais at icantclick.org
Fri Mar 4 23:48:31 CET 2011

On Fri, 4 Mar 2011, Tejaswi Nadahalli wrote:

> Is the only way to add more Varnish servers and load balance them behind
> Nginx or some such?

Your loadbalancer (varnish, nginx, elb, haproxy, etc) will always be a 
limiting factor if all traffic only goes through that path.

I haven't followed the rest of the thread to know where your real 
bottleneck is, but just keep that in mind. ;)

Your next alternatives (this looks like you're @ AWS) would be ELB in 
front of varnish (which I do, but with mixed success), or a GSLB (dns 
based loadbalancing) service in the DNS adding an additional level of 
seperation.  (we use akadns and I have lots of praises and no complaints 
yet. :)

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