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]] David Helkowski 

(if you could add a blank line between quoted text and your own
addition that makes it much easier to read your replies)


| This is called an Ad hominen attack. Belittling those you interact
| with in no way betters your opinion. I am also not sure why this is a
| response to what you quoted me on. I wrote what I did because I am
| actually curious if someone has time and effort to get hash tables
| working in VCL. I would to see a working rendition of it. I didn't
| really spend much time attempting to make it work, because my own
| usage of VCL didn't end up requiring it.

We'll probably end up implementing hash tables in a vmod at some point,
but it's not anywhere near the top of the todo list.  What we've been
discussing so far would probably not have been useful for your use case
above, though.

As for doing 3-500 regex or string matches per request that's hardly a
big problem for us as Per's numbers demonstrate.

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