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>Poul simply comes across as a nervous child, throwing every superiority
>imposing cliche out there because he thought a team member was

I received a couple of complaints about flames (on and off list)
originating from David, and after reading his contribution, decided
that he was not worth the bother, and decided to call his bullshit
and get it over with.

"Jump Tables" was a very neat concept, about 25-30 years ago, when
people tried to squeeze every bit of performance out of a 4.77MHz
i8088 chip in a IBM PC.

They are however just GOTO in disguise and they have all the
disadvantages of GOTO, without, and this is important: without _any_
benefits at all on a modern pipelined and deeply cache starved CPU.

That's why I pointed David at Dijkstra epistle and other literature
for building moral character as a programmer.

If David had come up with a valid point or a good suggestion, then
I would possibly tolerate a minimum of behavioural problems from him.

But suggesting we abandon 50 years of progress towards structured
programming, and use GOTOs to solve a nonexistant problem, for which
there are perfectly good and sensible methods, should it materialize,
just because he saw a neat trick in an old book and wanted to show
of his skillz, earns him no right to flame people in this project.

And that's the end of that.


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