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Fri Mar 11 09:31:00 CET 2011

Dne 11.3.2011 8:23, Simon Males napsal(a):
> I've found pound will throw errors in /var/log a few seconds after a
> Chrome connection (Connection timed out). Though this isn't reflected
> on the client side.
> Hate to crap on pound's parade, but I've also some client side errors,
> but they are not reproducible on demand.

As far as I know, Chrome uses pre-connect to improve performance. What 
it does, is it creates immediately more than one TCP/IP connection to 
the target IP address, because most pages contain images and styles and 
javascript, and Chrome knows, that it will be downloading these in 
parallel. So it saves time on handshaking, when the connections are 
needed later. It will also keep the connections open for quite a long 
time and maybe pound times out these connections when nothing is 
happening. This sort of thing can happen with any browser, but I think 
Chrome is a lot more aggressive than others, so it stands out.

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