Using Varnish with SSL

Scott Wilcox scott at
Mon Mar 21 22:10:09 CET 2011

Hello folks,

I've recently been looking at introducing Varnish into my current fronted system. From what I've seen and in my own testing, I've been very impressed with the performance gains.

One question I do have, is about using SSL with Varnish. I'll be using Varnish to push over to an Apache server which runs on :80 and :443 at present, serving also identical content (if needed for simplicity, these can be merged).

What I'd like to know is the best way to configure this (and if its possible actually). I very much need to keep SSL access open, I realise that I could just run apache 'native' on :443, but I'd be a lot happier if I can push it through Varnish.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions all most welcome!


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