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Hi there,

>I am very new in varnish. I try to get a return code 200 when varnish
>opens the default backend. The default backend will be localhost. Is it

Short answer: Yes, if your backend behaves well.

Little longer answer:

If you configure a backend like that:
backend default {
     .host = "";
     .port = "8080";

And assuming that your backend really listens on localhost:8080, then use
the following in vcl_recv:

sub vcl_recv {
 set req.backend = default;


Now start varnish, and assuming you let varnish listen on localhost:80 you
can do something like that

wget -0 /dev/null -q -S http://localhost/foo.txt

The request GET /foo.txt goes to varnish and he forwards this to your
backend at localhost:8080.

If "wget -0 /dev/null -q -S http://localhost:8080/foo.txt" works, then
"wget -0 /dev/null -q -S http://localhost/foo.txt" will work too.


PS.: Start with the fine documentation of varnish!

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