*.keep and if-modified-since

Hettwer, Marian mhettwer at team.mobile.de
Tue May 3 11:18:09 CEST 2011

On 03.05.11 11:01, "Geoff Simmons" <geoff at uplex.de> wrote:

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>On 05/ 2/11 11:54 PM, Rich Rauenzahn wrote:
>> Do you think we're
>> talking about weeks or months for it to get incorporated into
>> mainline?
>Not before 3.0 is released.
>After that, it's hard to say. phk and the team will probably want a
>solution for configuring keep and grace that they're comfortable with,
>and the result will need to be tested sufficiently. With luck, that can
>be closer to weeks than months, and any testing and feedback we can get
>will certainly help to get it closer.

I'm looking forward to help testing. Conditional gets to the backend is
_the_ feature I'm waiting for :)
I'll keep a close eye to that mailing list and will help testing where I

Keep up the good work folks.


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