Cache usage (varnishstat) in persitent mode (2.1.5)

Stefan Pommerening pom at
Thu May 5 18:07:57 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I am using varnish 2.1.5 and switched to persistent mode for testing 

Usually I am monitoring cache usage by calling varnishstat frequently 
(cron job)
and I save the values for sm_balloc and sm_bfree in a rrdtool db file.

After switching from -s file to -s persistent it seems that these values 
aren't fed
with reasonable values any more (staying at zero).

Is this still normal for 2.1.5 or am I doing it wrong?  ^^

Any advice would be great. Thanks.


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Informatik-Büro: IT-Dienste & Projekte, Consulting & Coaching* <>

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