Your own local Varnish Cache 3.0 release party?

Lukas Kahwe Smith mls at
Sat May 21 15:18:55 CEST 2011

On 20.05.2011, at 19:31, Rubén Romero wrote:

> f there is people out there wanting to do something like this I
> promise that I'll do my best and send you at least one (1) Varnish 3.0
> t-shirt per event with two or more people. Drop me a line if you are
> interested and we'll coordinate it from there. And remember: No
> pictures? It didn't happen!

I might be able to organize something like this here in Zurich. But the bigger question is when will Varnish 3.0 stable be released?

Lukas Kahwe Smith
mls at

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