Cache'ing request despite PASS

Lukas Kahwe Smith mls at
Mon May 23 23:21:00 CEST 2011

On 23.05.2011, at 23:16, Krzysztof Dajka wrote:

> From my observations, grace only works when object is already cached
> in varnish, it doesn't work unless object has been HIT. In case when
> all backends are sick grace just keeps object in memory even if
> expires/ttl has ran out. Object is STALE for amount of time set in
> grace.
> I'm already using grace for static objects on my websites, but I'd
> like to cache htmls which currently are passed to cms backends. I'd
> like to serve stale objects only in case of disaster in my cms. Has
> anyone created acl based for example on googlebot IP addresses and
> cache htmls which are crawled by bots and serve them only in case
> whole cms director went down? I think it sounds nice but I haven't
> tried that yet.

so what you want is saint mode?

Lukas Kahwe Smith
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