Andrea Campi andrea.campi at zephirworks.com
Thu May 26 10:10:18 CEST 2011


I have release a simple module to let the VCL access a Redis server:

At this stage it is mostly a proof-of-concept; it has only received minimal
testing and we have never used it in production.
At the very minimum, it will slow down Varnish a fair amount (at least a few
milliseconds per request, depending on how fast your network and your redis
server are).
Also, I only built it and used it on FreeBSD--on other platforms, you are on
your own (pull requests welcome).
If you do try running it, I would like hearing your experience.

My goal was mostly to get a feeling for the current support for building
vmods as a non-core developer, and provide some feedback. So I will be :)

I think I saw it on the wiki somewhere, but I can't find it anymore--can you
guys add it to the list of current vmods (and link to that page somewhere).

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