Slicing cached data in a Varnish server

Thiago Moraes thiago at
Wed Nov 2 01:15:11 CET 2011

I'm currently studying how to deploy varnish over a backend which responds
to REST queries such as:[0:50]

Suppose that the maximum range from myFile is [0:100]. In case I cache the
entire file, is there any way I can slice my data in my Varnish server so
that I can handle requests to subsets of myFile without getting cache
misses? Unfortunately every file I have is HUGE (I emailed this same
mailing list sometime ago), above a GB, so it's no possible to cache
multiple copies for each request.

Is it even possible to call some external software from varnish to slice
the cached data before delivering it? I have a program capable of doing
this slice, but I don't know how to call it in the context of a request
inside varnish. I'm almost sure that I'll have to use inline C, but are
there any documentation on this theme?

Thiago Moraes - EnC 07 - UFSCar
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