collectd 4.10 and Varnish

Simon Lyall simon at
Mon Nov 14 22:50:37 CET 2011

We're running collectd using version 4.10 from EPEL on RHEL/Centos.

There is a varnish plugin recently released with collectd but it requires 
version 5.10 of collectd which is fairly recently released and doesn't 
have rpms (I'd prefer not to build my own).

1. I was wondering if anybody has a backported varnish plugin for collectd
    4.10 or any other solution? I came across this post in the archives:

   but I've not tried it yet. Any experience?

2. I was also thinking of using the collectd:tail plugin to pick out
    interesting stuff in the varnishncsa log. Things like hits on different
    types of pages on my site ( frontpage, section pages, article pages,
    etc ). Anyone else done something similar?

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