collectd 4.10 and Varnish

Simon Lyall simon at
Mon Nov 28 00:19:13 CET 2011

On Wed, 16 Nov 2011, Marc Fournier wrote:
> Excerpts from Simon Lyall's message of Mon Nov 14 22:50:37 +0100 2011:
>> We're running collectd using version 4.10 from EPEL on RHEL/Centos.
>> There is a varnish plugin recently released with collectd but it requires
>> version 5.10 of collectd which is fairly recently released and doesn't
>> have rpms (I'd prefer not to build my own).
>> 1. I was wondering if anybody has a backported varnish plugin for collectd
>>     4.10 or any other solution? I came across this post in the archives:
> I have done exactly this a few months ago. I just pushed the patch to:
> Not sure if the plugin is up to date with the one found in 5.x though...

Thanks Marc, I didn't have any luck getting the plugin to work (it 
worked enough to complain when I did syntax errors but didn't output 
any data and there are some problems with running the python plugin so I 
eneded up writing a little script in bash and running it via the collectd 
exec plugin.

I've attached it in case anyone wants it. Seems to work and should be 
compatable with the 5.x collectd plugin (see evil 1-liner in the script).

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