Varnish serving content from wrong backend

Paulo Paracatu paulo at
Tue Oct 11 15:28:43 CEST 2011

It seems there is something broken in my Varnish configuration files.
I have two Varnish servers running and 14 backend servers. The first backend
loaded in the VCLs is the 's105', which host several adult (including
hentai) sites, and after it it loads the other 13 backends, hosting several
wordpress blogs and invision board forums.

The problem here is: many users are reporting adult content being loaded
instead of their regular content.
Here are some screens I was able to get from the users:
It should load a regular invision board topic, hosted at s162 (5º backend
loaded), instead it loaded the page from a hentai site hosted at s105.
Here it happens again:
And again:
And again: (I don't think this one is from
s105..., but who knows).

Anyone here ever had anything similar to this?

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