OT: SSL handshake issues

Rob S rtshilston at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 11:31:47 CEST 2011


Sorry that this is definitely off-topic, but I've got a strange
problem and I'm hoping someone on the list might be able to point me
in the right direction.  We've a web browser / server combination
which, comparatively in frequently (around 1 in 20 requests) when
sending the "Client Hello" SSL handshake is receiving an "Encrypted
Alert" response, rather than a "Server Hello" response.  I've got a
packet trace I can share demonstrating this, and budget to pay for
advice.  What we're trying to establish is if there's a server-side
fault (and if so, why it's intermittent) or if it's an invalid
client-side request.  We've not got the expertise in house, and are
looking to understand the situation quite rapidly, hence trying to ask
the community.

Many thanks,


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