Caching a low quantity of huge files with Varnish

Thiago Moraes thiago at
Thu Oct 13 19:20:48 CEST 2011

I posted this on and haven't received any answers.
Would appreciate any help here:

I have one server that provides access to some hundreds of files. All
of them are really big (some have more than 10GB). These files won't
change and are read only, but I'll need to provide access to them via
a WAN.

I want to make the access faster by using a reverse proxy server
running near my users. For example:

-User X wants to access something on server A.
-User X access a reverse proxy server on his LAN which causes a cache
miss. The file is downloaded to this proxy server.
-The next time user X wants the same file, he doesn't need to go get
it in my main server.

I know that this situation is trivial, and I won't have a lot of
traffic, but my problem is more related to the file sizes themselves.
I read something about Squid having problems caching files larger than
2GB. Does Varnish face the same kind of problem?

Thank you for any thoughts on that.

Thiago Moraes - EnC 07 - UFSCar

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