Varnish shows 503 meanwhile Apache returns CSV correctly

Rubén Ortiz ruben.ortiz at
Mon Sep 5 12:58:53 CEST 2011

Hi all

I need some support here :) I have configured a Varnish service in front of
Apache (backend), the software which runs in backend is PHP (Magento). The
problem is without Varnish, when we login in magento panel and we click on
Clients/Export, Apache returns OK a CSV to download. No problem. But if we
activate Varnish listening on :80 and Apache on :81, and we do the same
process, at final moment Varnish returns a 503.

We have deployed Varnish VLC to work with Magento and all works fine. Here
it is a brief extract of code relevant about Magento admin

    # Don't cache pages for Magento Admin
    # FIXME: change this rule if you use custom url in admin
    if (req.url ~ "^/(index.php/)?pc_deporv") {

    # Don't cache checkout/customer pages, product compare
    if (req.url ~
"^/(index.php/)?(checkout|customer|catalog/product_compare|wishlist)") {

I have added some other lines to try to avoid cache of .csv files, without
success. Every time we execute code to expor CSV, we get a 503.

Can somebody give us some help? thanks!

Rubén Ortiz
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