How to pass request body using Varnish fetch?

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Mon Sep 12 10:07:17 CEST 2011

I'm afraid I am fairly new to varnish but I have a problem whch I cannot find a solution to anywhere (yet): Varnish is set up to cache GET requests. We have some requests which have so many parameters that we decided to pass them in the body of the request. This works fine when we bypass Varnish but when we go through Varnish (for caching), the request is passed on without the body, so the service behind Varnish fails.
I know we could use POST, but we want to GET data. I also know that Varnish CAN pass the request body on if we use pass mode but as far as I can see, requests made in pass mode aren't cached. I've already put a hash into the url so that when things work, we will actually get the correct data from cache (as far as the url goes the calls would otherwise all look to be the same).
The problem now is "just" how to rewrite vcl_fetch to pass on the request body to the webserver? Any hints and tips welcome!
Thanks in advance
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