manually refreshing varnish cache

Kevin k at
Thu Sep 22 07:33:16 CEST 2011

Hello Mattias,

Doesn't varnishreplay work by reading the live log of transactions and
reproducing them as such? How would this work on a standby / "cold" varnish
server that is not actively generating said log files?


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> The challenge (not really a hard one mind you) would be to regularly
update the 
> cache in said standby varnish server at scheduled intervals so that
the stale cache 
> is not so far out of date when / if I do need to flip that DNS switch.
> If anyone has dealt with this scenario specifically ,or just with
crawling varnish in 
> general, I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts!

Hi Kevin,

You may want to look into the "varnishreplay" command:
You could restart your Varnish on the standby side, run varnishreplay to
cache all the URLs you want with a TTL of > 1 day to keep it in cache.


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