Fwd: Trouble getting varnish to forwards on to SSL on port 443

Daniel Schledermann varnish at ds.schledermann.net
Fri Aug 24 11:46:10 CEST 2012

Den 24-08-2012 11:23, doug livesey skrev:
> Hi, Tobias -- thanks very much for that.
> So are you saying that I need some other software on there, too, to be 
> able to send on SSL requests?

You are not initializing SSL connections in this setup, AFAICS.

> I had adapted my vcl file from this tutorial: 
> http://www.lullabot.com/articles/varnish-multiple-web-servers-drupal
> The hope was that, whilst varnish doesn't handle SSL, I would be able 
> to forwards on requests on port 443 (SSL requests, obviously) to be 
> handled by the servers that varnish was caching for.
> I'm not trying to have varnish handle the SSL authentication or 
> anything, just to pass the request on.

No, that is not possible. Varnish reads the HTTP-headers and so on, and 
can not function as a "dumb" TCP-proxy.
However it is quite simple to setup NGINX to do the SSL-decryption, pass 
it on to Varnish, and then hopefully get some caching done anyway.


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