varnishlog: missing separator line from 2.1.5 to 3.0.2

Jean-Christophe Petit jcpetit at
Sun Aug 26 06:00:57 CEST 2012

Hello everyone,

with "varnishlog -c -o" from version 2.1.5, we have an empty line
separating each log entries group by request ID (which makes it easier
to read)
This empty line is gone in 3.0.2, why is that ?
It was a very convenient way of parsing data (as mentioned in 

varnishlog -c -o|perl -ne 'BEGIN { $/ = "";} print if (/RxURL.*\/$/m);'

We find a work around in varnish-3.0.2:
varnishlog -c -o|awk '{if ($1!=a) {print ""}print $0}{a=$1}'|perl -ne
'BEGIN { $/ = "";} print if (/RxURL.*\/$/m);'

Would it be great to have the same thing in 3.0.2 or at least through
an additional parameter ?

Have a good day,

Jean-Christophe Petit
Syspark inc.

Jean-Christophe Petit
Syspark inc.

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