Varnish client IP address twice in Apache logs

Flat Circle flatcircle at
Mon Aug 27 13:03:19 CEST 2012


I just added 

sub vcl_recv {
  # Add a unique header containing the client address
  remove req.http.X-Forwarded-For;
  set    req.http.X-Forwarded-For = client.ip;
  # [...]
}to my configuration to see the client IP in my Apache logs. So far so good...

However, when view my Apache log file, I see the IP address twice., - - [27/Aug/2012:12:09:00 +0200] "GET /sites/dev.local/themes/test/favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 1406 "

How can I prevent that the IP address will appear once?

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