When setting a cookie, the old ones are lost

Cornel Vaideanu Cornel.Vaideanu at greppysystems.com
Thu Aug 30 09:00:33 CEST 2012

   I am using Varnish 3 in in front of apache with php.  I need to set a cookie in the browser every time the user doesn’t receive a 503 response I use the following code:

              if(resp.status != 503) {
                                set resp.http.Set-Cookie = "my_error_cookie =false; expires: Session; path=/";

The problem is that the cookies received from apache are rewritten, if I use this I never receive the PHPSESSID  cookie. For debug proposes I added this code :

              set resp.http.X-Cookie-Debug = "Response cookie: " + resp.http.Set-Cookie;

                                if(resp.status != 503) {
                                set resp.http.Set-Cookie = " my_error_cookie=false; expires: Session; path=/";

                set resp.http.X-Cookie-Debug2 = "Response cookie2: " + resp.http.Set-Cookie;

These are the headers that browser receives :

1.       X-Cookie-Debug:
Response cookie: PHPSESSID=egf2tthsj0fm2bmt1oircumgk6; path=/
2.       X-Cookie-Debug2:
Response cookie2: my_error_cookie=false; expires: Session; path=/

And there is only one  Set-Cookie header :
my_error_cookie=false; expires: Session; path=/

Can you tell me how can I set a new cookie without losing the cookies that apache sends ?

Thank you very much

Cornel Vaideanu
PHP Developer


17-19A, Ploiesti Street,
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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