Varnish 503 error: invalid gzip data: incorrect header check

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I am receiving a weird error on Varnish 3.0.2, which ends up in images/css/js/fonts not being fetched by the browser, Varnish giving a 503 error on the files.

I have set up my logs and found the error message Varnish reports. A small part of the logs is at (didn't want to spam the email with all the content of the log).

As you can see, I get the following error:
13 FetchError   c Invalid Gzip data: incorrect header check
13 FetchError   c straight read_error: -1 0 (See other message)

I haven't been able to find much about this error, except for 1 person who also didn't find any solution to this. I've disabled my GZip encoding on my backend (Apache), but it had no effect, so I am guessing it's from the GZip encoding on Varnish's end.

Did anyone stumble upon this error & fixed it or am I the only one out here? :)

Thank you,
Eduard Luca

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