Varnish 3.0.2 req.hash

Hugues Alary hugues.alary at
Fri Feb 10 21:08:33 CET 2012


I hope this question have not been asked and answered hundreds of times,
but I couldn't find an answer to it.

I'm using varnish 3.0.2. It is written in the documentation :

The following variables are available while determining the hash key of an
> object:
> req.hash
> The hash key used to refer to an object in the cache. Used when both
> reading from and writing to the cache.

I have tried using req.hash everywhere in my configuration file (vcl_hash,
vcl_deliver, etc) and I always get this error at the compilation:

Message from VCC-compiler:
> Symbol not found: 'req.hash' (expected type STRING_LIST):
> ('input' Line 218 Pos 29)
>         set req.http.TEST = req.hash;
> ----------------------------########-
> Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1
> VCL compilation failed

What am I missing? How exactly can I get the hash of a request?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
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