File served without vcl_fetch() being invoked.

Vedad KAJTAZ, Kigo Inc. vedad at
Wed Feb 29 14:16:17 CET 2012


I'm totally new to Varnish, so I might be missing something obvious.

I have an issue with the following setup, where vcl_fetch() doesn't seem 
to be invoked (most of the time) for a particular file (evidence by 

The request doesn't appear in varnishlog/varnishncsa either, but the 
file IS requested from the backend by the varnish server, and IS being 
served to end client on nearly every request (with the exception of few 
requests where it actually does go through vcl_recv() and the cache).

Environment: Back-end Apache server, Varnish 3.0.2 on FreeBSD 8.2 
(amd64), Chrome client on Windows 7 with client cache disabled. No other 
proxy in between.

The varnish cache listens on port 80.
The "page" being tested is
I've altered the "hosts" file on the client to point the domain name to 
the above varnish IP address.

Only one client is testing at a time.

The varnish config file:

Sample /var/log/syslog excerpt:

Note that the GET request to the file 
/img/4aa49f0874eb11168795c4f9a904c62d2b33d4cc947b3207a9d43e7c4a6e963d.png does 
not appear in syslog (hence does not go through vcl_fetch), nor does it 
appear in varnishlog/varnishncsa.

However, the file IS being requested from the backend. This is the 
excerpt from the back-end server related to the above request:

Is this normal behavior, a misconfiguration, or a bug?
I will gladly provide more information upon request.



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