Varnish director stickyness expiry/timeout

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For a web shop project I am using varnish for loadbalancing (and caching 
of course) several web servers.
When it comes to session stickyness I am using the client.ip stickyness 
of the backend director.

In vcl_recv:

     ## Use ClientIP for loadbalancer stickyness (and regard SSL offloading)
     if (req.http.X-Forwarded-Proto ~ "https") {
         set req.http.X-Client-Identity = req.http.X-Forwarded-For;
         if (req.http.X-Client-Identity ~ "\,") {
             set req.http.X-Client-Identity = 
regsuball(req.http.X-Client-Identity, "\s\,.*$", "");
     else {
         set req.http.X-Client-Identity = client.ip;
     set client.identity = req.http.X-Client-Identity;

It seems that when a customer resturns after approximately 30 minutes 
the stickyness is lost and the customer needs to login again.

Is there any timeout / expiry value I can change in order to prolong the 
director stickyness?

What I've found is the sess_timeout value which is configured to be 5 
seconds as a default value
which doesn't fit our experience but still sounds somehow like the wrong 

Any advice would be great. ;-)

Best regards,


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