[RESOLVED] return(lookup) causes reset … ?

Marc Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Wed Jul 18 18:00:33 CEST 2012

Morning all …

   Okay, after figuring out a whack of things (slowly), I did a trace through my default.vcl file to see if I couldn't figure out where the code has gone wrong … in order to do this, I simply added, and moved down


  Starting at the top of the vcl_recv function and moving downwards, until I moved it past the point where it restarts … if I have the default.vcl file written as:

      # Try a cache-lookup
        return (lookup);

   The server, and all pages, seem to load fine … as soon as I move the 'return(pass)' under the 'return(lookup)', any page reload causes a restart, and I get a blank page on my web browser …

    Doing a 'panic.show' in varnishadm just shows:

varnish> panic.show
Child has not panicked or panic has been cleared

    So, not getting anything from that …

     On a whim, before I posted this, I just lowered my cache size from the default of 3G  to just 1G … and now it seems to be running fine … not sure if I need more then 1G, but at least I now have a starting point …

    Thanks for the various suggestions thrown out at me, they all helped …

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