File served without vcl_fetch() being invoked.

Vedad KAJTAZ, Kigo Inc. vedad at
Thu Mar 1 09:42:29 CET 2012


Le 29/02/2012 14:16, Vedad KAJTAZ, Kigo Inc. a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm totally new to Varnish, so I might be missing something obvious.
> I have an issue with the following setup, where vcl_fetch() doesn't seem
> to be invoked (most of the time) for a particular file (evidence by
> syslog).

I've done a new test session with varnishlog output as requested by 
"perbu" on the General discussion forum:

The vcl file is unchanged:

Syslog output (note that vcl_fetch() unconditionally calls std.syslog):


Backend log:

Chrome inspector log;


/img/cfbc7c98bf8f0a9081a5178b26582ab4090571844992f9fefa30a1fa20fa3668.png is 
fetched from backend by varnish and received by client, but is neither 
logged by syslog (hence, vcl_fetch was never invoked) nor by varnishlog.


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