Hashing on a particular cookie value

Soumendu Bhattacharya soumendu_bhattacharya at non.agilent.com
Thu Nov 8 13:48:20 CET 2012

Your regex differs than mine.  One negligible difference and one that I'll
focus on.  The negligible difference being the anchors "^" and "$".
They aren't necessary.

For reference, my regex was:
regsub(req.http.cookie, ".*mycookie=([^;]+);.*",


The difference is that I'm looking for a value in my regex, and you don't
care if there is a value in yours.  '+' vs '*'.

Your regex matches:

My regex _doesn't_ match:

If you want to hash on an empty cookie, then your regex is what you want.
Otherwise, perhaps mine is what you want.
Thanks - a lot - I will change my regex :)  I certainly don't want to hash
on empty cookie. 



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