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Reinhard Trompetter trompetter at
Mon Nov 19 22:42:12 CET 2012

Hi Per,

thank you very much for your quick reply, but I still cannot connect to 
my to servers from the Internet.

My public IP is und the corresponding domain 

My configuration file "/etc/varnish/default.vcl" looks like:

backend moodle {
      .host = ""; #IP of moodle backend
      .port = "80";
backend drupal {
      .host = ""; #IP of drupal backend
      .port = "80";
sub vcl_recv {
      if (req.url~"^/moodle"){
             set req.backend = moodle;
}else if(req.url~"^/drupal"){
             set req.backend = drupal;

Any ideas?



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