invalidating (ban) a cache problematically, real life maximum?

S Ahmed sahmed1020 at
Wed Oct 3 21:31:05 CEST 2012

I was reading:

My main question is, what sort of # of ban requests can one realistically
send to varnish to invalid caches? (individual items, not ranges etc.)

Say a site like tumblr is using varnish, which has thousands and thousands
of blogs, and so many blog entries are being updated via comments etc.  How
realistic would sending 1K ban's be to varnish?

Maybe I have misunderstood this, but I'm guessing their are ruby/java
client libraries that when content gets updated in a web application, I
could then send a request using the ruby/java client library to ban a
specific item from cache right?

If there are client libraries, where can they be found?  I'm looking for
both ruby and java.
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