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If your site is taking 2-3 seconds that pretty slow. With Drupal 7 you need
to do a couple things, such as disable the cron that runs form anonymous
visits for maintenance and updates on each site and setup your own script
that runs the cron at a specified time. You will need to get the unique ID
from the inside the D7 GUI for each site to do this.

The reason why, is because varnish is checking the webserver, depending on
how you setup your probe could be inadvertently be triggering the cron. The
second piece to this how is you are handling your session cookie ID's. As
in what is apache handling when sessionsID come in login creds., and what
is the cache handling for anonymous visits. This is all defined in your


Nick Tailor

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 9:14 PM, Mark Strickland <smsmail at>wrote:

> How do I prevent varnish from caching a iframe?****
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> Also my website is loading in about 2=3 seconds, is that normal with
> varnish?  How can I verify that varnish is working correctly.  I am using
> drupal 7.****
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