OOM caused by infinite loop in response

Delacroix, Gauthier Gauthier.Delacroix at coreye.fr
Thu Sep 20 13:52:51 CEST 2012

It’s coming from the backend.

Varnish cannot cache the response since it never ends.

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If it's coming from the cache set the ttl higher for objects cached so it serves cached content that you know is working until u fix the issue

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On Sep 20, 2012, at 2:40 AM, "Delacroix, Gauthier" <Gauthier.Delacroix at coreye.fr<mailto:Gauthier.Delacroix at coreye.fr>> wrote:

I have a varnish instance going out of memory because of an infinite loop in a chunked backend response.

The app is sending the same string over and over, resulting in more than 4GB to varnish in 10 minutes…until it crashes.

The dev team is fixing the bug in the backend app but I’d like to avoid varnish crashes for this kind of problem.

I have seen the “http_resp_size" option in the doc but it seems to only handle headers size and I haven’t seen anything about response body limit.

Is there a way to drop connection when response body exceeds a maximum size ?

Thanks !

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