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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the answer.
With Google Analytics I will be able to see how many pageviews we have. But I want to be able to see how many http connections and how much Mbps is used. By using pageviews, we won't be able to calculate the actual amount of Mbps that for example<> is using.

Johan Olsson

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Why not use google analytics?


Nick Tailor
On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 3:02 PM, Johan Olsson <Johan.Olsson at<mailto:Johan.Olsson at>> wrote:
I've been looking on how to monitor varnish. I've found that there exists a snmp for varnish which gives some info that is good to have. I've found it and looked at it (, but it dosen't give all that I need (I think). What I'm missing is to be able to monitor how much traffic one site is using. So if I have two sites like<> and<>, I would like to be able to get how many connections each one gets and how much Mbps each one is using.
Is this possible to do?


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