not sure if Varnish is working correctly

Marco Corte marco at
Fri Sep 28 19:00:28 CEST 2012

Hi, Mark

I am not an experienced varnish user, but I can tell you anyway how I 
would dig into the issue.

- Varnishhist
I would check what "varnishhist" reports in real time during normal site 
access to see if varnish is serving cached and non cached objects in 
reasonable times: I like it because I can "feel" if everything is 
working properly or not.

- Regexp
IMHO this does not affects performances, but I would anyway rewrite some 
regexp, for example:

    req.url ~ "^.*/ajax/.*$" ||

should match the same as

    req.url ~ "/ajax/" ||

which I find easier to read and to mantain.

- varnishstat
I started from "Some values to care about" in

No other ideas at this point.


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