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I'm using Varnish to cache a shopping site that has a mini-basket on every page. I'm caching the parent page and including the basket via ESI so that it is never cached and always gets retrieved from the backend.
The mini basket is what sets the session id cookie but Varnish's ESI implementation doesn't merge the response headers of the included page with the parent before sending back to the browser.
Ideally what I'd like is to cache the parent page without any session id cookies, retrieve that from the cache, retrieve the included content and add the Set-Cookie headers of the included response to the main/parent response before delivering to the browser.

Is there a roadmap for Varnish to add support for merging cookies from included responses?

As a workaround I'm including a file in the page (as a css file but could be 1px image, js file etc) that is never cached by Varnish (sets Cache-Control: max-age=0) and returns the required Set-Cookie header for the session id cookie.
So the browser requests a page from Varnish, loads the resources of the page (the first of which is my special css) and sets the session id cookie. On subsequent requests it sends the cookie in the request which gets passed to the ESI request for the mini-basket and the correct content is included into the page before being passed back to the browser.

Can anyone see any problems with this workaround?

It appears to be working well for us at the moment, however I can see it creating multiple redundant sessions. The first request includes the basket via ESI, which creates a new session (that is never used again because the session id is not passed back to the browser) and then the browser makes another request for cookies.css that creates another new session (which is used from then on)
I'm also concerned that some browsers and other proxy servers may not honour the Cache-Control header and attempt to always cache my cookies.css file.

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