Stale-while-revalidate feature

Chris Toomey ctoomey at
Thu Apr 11 04:18:43 CEST 2013


We're using varnish and also would very much like to have the
stale-while-revalidate feature that's been discussed on this list, wherein
the first request for an expired object during the grace period gets served
the stale content vs. waiting for the fresh content, and  a background
thread is spawned to asynchronous refresh the cache.  Like others, we've
got some slow backend servers that really penalize the poor users who have
to wait for them when the cache is expired, and the various workaround
options we've explored are quite hacky.

I saw in
this feature might be coming.  Is this looking like it's going to make it
into the next stable release?

thanks much,
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