Varnish only working with ports 80, 8080 and 9080

Paul A. Procacci pprocacci at
Tue Apr 16 15:33:09 CEST 2013

> When I use a different port number in VARNISH_LISTEN_PORT, then varnishd does not start.
> I made sure that the port number is not taken using the command netstat -nltp

Do you have a firewall that is preventing tcp syn's from
making it to the ports that you specify in your config?
(Either a hardware or software firewall)

If you don't, when you change the VARNISH_LISTEN_PORT and
start varnish, does the service show as bound via the
netstat command that you ran?

If it is bound, can you telnet to the port and issue
http requests?

If it isn't bound, they'll be logs in your system log
detailing why it couldn't be bound.  What do those logs say?

> Also when I use a different port number as backend, then Varnish tells me that the service is unavailable, and tells me that probing fails. However the backend is fully functional, when I connect to its port number.

Are you sure your attempting to connect to the right backend?
Specifically, is not <ip>:8080 where <ip> is
the primary ip address of the machine.

Is there a software/hardware firewall preventing the tcp syn's
from making it to their destination?

Can you telent to the port from the varnish machine and induce
an http conversation?



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