varnish ssl

Ashish aashisn at
Sun Apr 14 12:47:05 CEST 2013

I am setting up varnish as caching+entry point for public traffic.

Public => varnish(x2) => loadbalancer => Web servers (x4)

We have around 15 domains with ssl support on login/payment pages.

I am not quite getting done here.

1) i could point all domins to varnish IP and it could route 
accordingly, but dont think i can make ssl workout to be sent st. to 
loadbalancer and then webserver
    question: Does ssl request gets untouched and sent directly to end 
2) Can i somehow configure varnish to be stand alone, but point dns to 
loadbalancer IP's and somehow still manage to get varnish serve cached 

Please guide me

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