Varnish for large Videofiles with Range requests

Andre Lohmann lohmann.andre at
Sun Aug 11 10:21:28 CEST 2013

Hi, I read through some explanations about varnish, but still have
questions, that I didn't understand yet.

I want to use a varnish farm as some kind of loadbalancing in front of a

My Idea is, that the varnish clients shall be hit, when a File is
requested. If this file was allready cached by the hit instance, it will be
delivered by the cache, otherwise it will be delivered from the origin an
being chached for the next requests.

The problem I see here are within the range requests. If I got it right,
when the first (range) request hits varnish, before the file is cached,
this file will have a big latency, as it first needs to be fully cached. Is
it possible to pipe all range requests to the origin, until the file is
fully cached?

For highly frequented files it is a possible way, to prefetch the file, so
it will be cached, before the first requests hit that file. But there are
also archived files, which get requested not that often and that will fill
up the cache otherwise, if I need to cache them all too.

My Idea was, that high frequented files stay longer in the cache, as they
are reuqested more often and older, archived files are drop from the cache,
as they are requested much less.

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