varnish forward to wrong backend

James Pearson james at
Thu Aug 15 23:12:24 CEST 2013

Excerpts from Lei Wang's message of 2013-08-15 11:09:13 -0700:
> I have varnish 3 (varnish-3.0.4 revision 9f83e8f) installed to cache
> multi-site in one configuration. Sometimes Varnish switched to use the
> first backend in the configuration for all the requests to the other sites.
> As in the sample configuration below, the request to backend2, backend3,
> backend4 sometimes forwarded to backend1. Does anyone have the same problem
> or know any solution, suggestion?
> The varnish backend configuration is quite simple like below:
> [snip]

What does the rest of your config look like, specifically the part that assigns
a backend?
 - P

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