Implicit Declaration of function?

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(On my phone... Forgive my top-replying... And the accidental private reply)

Thank you.

One final question: do I need to be concerned with the 'char *' declaration
for the VRT_GetHdr call? Would it be better to do a 'char buf[40]' or
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> , Jason Price writes:
> >1) Do I need to free any of my temp variables here?  Or does varnish clean
> >them up for me?  (in my case t, digestepoch, digestdate, and tm)
> Only if you allocate the memory from malloc() or similar.
> As far as I can see, all your variables are local to your function
> so they live on the stack so they are automatically destroyed.
> >2) seriously: WTF with _XOpenSource needing to be set to use strptime??
> Ask whoever writes your OS.
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