Seed up build process

Tobias Eichelbrönner tobias.eichelbroenner at
Tue Feb 12 11:47:54 CET 2013


I have got plenty of vcl code mainly containing redirect information for
hundreds of domains.

All together there are about 34 MB of vcl text files containing 70000
rules for redirection. Varnish generates about 158MB c-code out of it,
that is compiled into a 90MB shared object.

My problem is, that it takes more than one and a half hour to parse the
vcl code into c-code and than compiling it on an Intel Xeon W3530.

Does anyone has an idea how to speed up the process?
Is there for example a possibility to tell the parser to pass any
optimization steps while generating the c code?

I could store all information in a database and call it in realtime, but
that would cause heavy IO on the database.



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